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“At the end of our lives all we have is attention and time” – Tristan Harris.

Leading global businesses have been proven to be guilty of using technology to hijack our psychological vulnerabilities. Tristan Harris, ex-Google design ethicist,  says “once you know how to push peoples buttons you can play them like a piano”. We must not allow the tech industry to hinge its growth on the basis of tech products that tap into the psychological vulnerabilities of our people and are built to encourage unethical persuasion. Personal data, when misused is capable of being used as a weapon to destroy an entire nation, its capacity and belief system. Our data protection law will define the value system of the tech industry in our country.  This is the moment to define our value systems and expectations clearly as a strong nation and we have no reason to fear – as the world will still include us in their journey of technological evolution, which will take everyone forward together, if done correctly.

The Data Protection Bill is a critical piece of legislation for the future of our country and its people. It is in this spirit, as citizens of the country and data principals, that we have taken the liberty to share our heartfelt thoughts on the scope, core principles, general structural approach and provisions of the Bill. We hope the readers will appreciate and understand our concerns.

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