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Story of
Cornellia Chambers

History & Origin

In August 2016, after returning from a thought provoking and heart opening journey through Spiti Valley, Pritika bid farewell to JSA and set out to found India's most passionate, trusted and loved legal practice community.

Filled with a deep passion for law and justice, driven towards impactful change and with a dream to Recreate India, she remembers feeling very excited about starting her journey as an independent lawyer. Along with that excitement she also remembers feeling alone without the light of a mentor. Her longing and search for a mentor led her to finding the story of 'Cornelia Sorabjee'; the first woman who was admitted to the Bar in England and India. Also, the first woman to study law at the University of Bombay and Oxford. Most importantly, a woman for whom securing justice came first. Many of the stories around Cornelia's ideologies, alienation, rejection; yet her unwavering desire, clarity and commitment to serve humanity and secure justice resonated with Pritika's ideological reality and perception of her experiences with the outside world.


Finding inspiration, mentorship,
strength, encouragement,
validation and light from the story
of Cornellia Sorabjee

Pritika started writing the story of Cornellia Chambers. She believes, that Cornellia found her and offered her pupilage in Cornellia's Chambers. Along the way more like minded counsels were found and together they are raising the bar of legal practice at Cornellia Chambers.


Cornellia Chambers is not a law firm or a partnership firm or a limited liability partnership or a company. It is structured as a private trust whose mission and objective is to Recreate India by securing justice and humanizing the practice of law, be it in a board room or a court room.

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